Friday, August 12, 2011

Guest Blogger: Sarah

I asked Sarah to write a guest post because I think she's awesome!  She too is in love with a very lucky, very charming British man. I think Chris and Vernon have to be the two luckiest blokes in England.  Sarah and Chris have been in a long distance relationship for over 3 years and they are getting married in a few months. I love keeping up on the wedding plans as she has kept her readers up to date during the entire process. I find Sarah to be very funny, intelligent and such a sweetheart. And no, we have never met, but it feels as if we have and I always look forward to reading her blog posts. Please show your appreciation for Sarah and leave some comments. She is very gracious and I consider her a friend and I know she would enjoy to read your feedback.

I also want to add that Chris proposed via YouTube video.  I lost count of how many times I have seen it, but  it always makes me cry. It won them a honeymoon to Thailand... such a deserving couple.
An American Girl’s Guide to British Men

Although Kimberly may be even more of a master on the subject, I fancy myself quite the expert when it comes to British men. I’ve lived in the UK for a total of about a year and a half and have been dating one for almost four years.

In my experience, I’ve found the American woman/Brit bloke combo works very well, and is actually more common than you may think. So for all you ladies out there thinking that you fancy yourself your very own Mr.Darcy, (that’s what I sometimes call my Fianc√©) I’ve made a lovely list (list? whoops my American is showing) for you, of dos, don’ts, and things to expect before entering a relationship with one of those dashing and debonair heartthrobs. Just think Hugh Grant or Colin Firth circa Bridget Jones.

*Disclaimer: The use of stereotypes in this article are merely for humorous purposes and are based on the results of my own experiences. (i.e. FACT!)
·         DON’T get on the tube after a long walk through rainy London town and proclaim in your American voice volume standards that your pants are all wet. Pants, ladies, means underwear... as in panties. And on that note, DON’T engage him in an argument about whether or not Gerard Butler was wearing pants in 300. (That was seriously our first ever argument).
·         DON’T offer to make biscuits and gravy for breakfast. He thinks biscuits are cookies and will be thoroughly confused.
·         DON’T expect him to have a car, a degree, or a savings account. Although in America we may think these are essentials before dating anyone, they are simply not priorities in the same way in British culture.
·         DO expect to swoon after he says the simplest of sentences. For some reason I love the way he says “toilet” and “chuffed” and even “no” ... although I don’t like hearing that word too much.
·         DON’T be surprised when he drops a bucket in front of you when you tell him you are “sick”. That means barfing. You should say “ill”. And yes, no matter how used to it you get, saying the word “ill” will always make you feel pretentious, or like you are in a low budget period drama.
·         DO let him do all the navigating. He grew up riding trains and buses (both of which are still new and exciting to me) and is most likely never completely lost. Just make sure you do the actual scheduling, Americans have a better knack of time management if I do say so myself.
·         DO not feel bad for relying on him to pull you out of a sticky situation. After all, he knows how to “keep calm and carry on.”
·         DON’T expect him to help you write this post.
·         DON’T expect him to have perfect teeth. Their dentists don’t force them into braces at the slightest of over-bites.
·         DO expect to have to do math just to talk about the weather. (F/C)
·         DO expect to have different ideas of what constitutes clean carpets *cough, cough*
·         DO try not to judge when he wants to put corn on his sandwiches or pizza
·         DON’T try and drink him under the table. Even if he swears he “doesn’t drink anymore”.
·         DO expect that he will laugh when you have problems navigating the smallest of roundabouts. They are simply part of Britain’s natural landscape.
·         DO expect him to complain about any car trip that is longer than an hour (“5 hours?! We could’ve been in Scotland by then!”). Yet he can sit through an all day movie marathon.
·         DO expect that he will be whole-heartedly on board for celebrating Thanksgiving. To him, it’s basically like an early Christmas dinner that you’ll cook.
·         DO expect him to ask to use the “toilet”. He means he wants to use the sink also.
·         DO expect him to be able to write the mushiest of love letters and emails. (When he wants to).
·         DO expect that he will be willing to literally run to the store at “stupid o’clock in the morning” to buy you medicine when you have cramps. Or leave work to get a taxi and take you to the doctor when you are sick (ill).
·         DO expect that he will be willing to spend hundreds of pounds and cross the ocean to be with you, even if only for a few weeks.
·         ALWAYS expect that he’ll be able to vanquish your ever present doubts and insecurities to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, (even if you are American).
·         DON’T take him for granted, he will be the best thing that ever happened to you.


  1. So sweet, Sarah! You and he are very lucky :)

  2. A wonderful post and hope the couple will be very happy in their married life, Can't be easy having a long diastance relationship.


  3. DO expect him to ask you to repeat certain words over and over again because he will love your accent as much as you love his. Right now Vernon's favorite word I say is "Obnoxious".

  4. Haha, the train/bus/metro thing is a European thing... Ike can't get the hang of it either, LOL. Sarah awesome post, loved the way your fiance proposed to you! And wish you all the happiness in the world!

  5. Thanks for asking me to be a guest Kimberly! I had a lot of fun with this post, and thanks for all your sweet words!!!!

  6. Btw, that carpets one was not meant to sound dirty. Probably should have left out the coughing bit!!

  7. LOL Sarah! You crack me up!

  8. Most of these are spot on for my Brit boy too!

  9. Aw that's such a sweet post Sarah. I especially love the last line :)

  10. Inspired! Absolutely inspired. I must send to my single girlfriends. Quick story: I had Kate Fox's Watching the English out on the kitchen table one day. The Little Roman's nanny at the time was a 21 yo Kiwi who was very cute and popular for dates. She sat down, cracked open the book to the dating section, and read for at least an hour, her concentration only broken by comments like "Ohhhhh. That's why..." and palm slaps to her head. I'm sending this to her.

  11. I love it! its so true tho lol, alex is always learning new american things from me. im learning alot of uk stuff from him. =] its great. i love it! and i loved england, i cant wait to move there for good soon! <3


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