Thursday, December 5, 2013

We Watched a Movie Together!

Vernon and I don't get to do normal traditional every day things that normal married couples get to do, like cooking, eat breakfast together, or watch a movie on the weekend.  Vern suggested we watch a movie together. We tried to do it before at my request and I felt like Vern really wasn't into it and we never were able to get it together.  The idea was just forgotten.  Then last week Vern suggested we watch a movie together, he seemed excited about the idea, told me to get a list of movies together and he'd check what he had for streaming.  I rented the movie Fargo. I have never seen this movie and neither has Vern.  It's a classic, won a bunch of awards, it's time I see this one! Wow was it good! He and I really enjoyed it! How did we do this you ask?  This is what we did....

We were on a Google hangout, as always. I had a dvd, he has a streaming subscription to Love Films and Now and maybe Netflix too.  He found this film and we pressed play at the same time.  It was awful! They were several second out of sync, I couldn't understand my TV because Vernon's TV was so loud (due to his hearing problem).  I then had the idea to mute my TV, but it was out of sync and kind of annoying.  After several quick pauses and short FF I got it synced PERFECTLY! It was about 10 minutes into the film but it was great! We could talk to each other during the movie, laughing and commenting on it to each other, and I really felt like we were together.  Vernon was amused by the way they spoke.  Yes it was a bit exaggerated but VERY similar to the way they talk up here in Da U.P. Eh. and the way they go about their lives and how they are so laid back and easy going. Yup, that's us in the Midwest! It was so much fun.  Vernon was amused by the scene I posted in the clip below. If you haven't seen Fargo I suggest you do very soon. It's great!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Missing Him Terribly

We got married!  The wedding was small and beautiful; and the reception was a fantastic celebration where he could meet my extended family and friends.  I promise I will post details, photos and video later.  I regretfully got away from blogging and I do miss it very much.  Things have been crazy and my mood hasn't been the best. Today's post will be a short one, but an important one.

One day last week a song came on the radio as I was pulling into the parking lot at work.  I had to sit in the lot for a while because this song made me cry.  It made me think of Vernon and I miss him so much.  Every time this song is on the radio I cry.  I absolutely love that it is by the Goo Goo Dolls, I have always loved their music.

He went back home to the UK just a couple days after the reception. It was a very sad day for the both of us and by far the most difficult goodbye we've had to do. Since then it's been back to the usual, chatting for a short time every day and video hangouts on the weekends. I cry a lot more because it's been 14 years and we are finally married but still apart. There are many factors both obvious and personal as to why we are not together, but one day we hope that will change.

Friday, July 19, 2013

One of many terrible jokes I have to put up with all the time.

My niece had to have her adenoids out so I thought I'd send her a little gift to keep her busy while she was stuck in bed.  I was simply telling Vernon that this gift would be from the four of us and this is what I get in return.

 me: ... I sent her a coloring book, stickers, crayons and a lap desk from you, me, heidi and yaz she'll get it on thurs.
the stickers and coloring book are of animals
 Vernon:  Cool
 Sent at 10:50 AM on Tuesday
 me:  from now on i'm signing cards/gifts, etc from the both of us or all 4 of us
 Vernon:  Are they in a packet? Don't open if the seal is broken
 me:  huh?
 Vernon:  Lol
 me:  i don't get it
 Vernon:  Animal stickers
 me:  still don't get it
 Vernon:  Remind me when we're bored in bed one day
 me:  NO
tell me now
i wont remember this conversation
why do animal stickers have to be sealed?
OH... Seal is an animal
is that it?
 Vernon:  Lol
 me:  Is that it? did I get it?
 Vernon:  Yes!
 me:  sometimes I REALLY hate your jokes
 Vernon:   :)   

Shopping Day with Mom

I have been wedding planning like a maniac and because of this I have neglected this blog terribly!  I wanted to blog about my wedding planning especially for Vernon and his family to see but I just haven't had it in me to sit down and type.

This is a blog post I had started about a shopping trip with my mom. It was a fun day.

[March 2013] During my wedding planning adventures I had a list of things I wanted to get so I thought I'd go into Escanaba and do some shopping.  I had a coupon for JoAnn Fabrics and I still needed to get a handful of items for the wedding so I thought mom and I could make a day of it.  Sadly, JoAnn didn't have everything that I was looking for, but I did manage to pick up the floating candles needed for my centerpieces.  I did see a cake service set on sale and this was not something I really wanted to buy. It was simple and inexpensive so I went ahead and grabbed it then my mother immediately pipes up... "No! Don't get that! It's ugly!" I just looked at her, "What?" She said it again, "Don't get that, it's ugly!" She was so animated and determined that I didn't buy the cake service set.  It didn't take long for me to figure it out... she's buying us a cake service set. Ha ha ha.Normally I would have blown her off and got it anyway, but I didn't want to spoil her fun so I put it back.

Next stop was GFS.   This is a pretty cool store. My dad is like a kid in a candy shop in this store. They are a supplier to restaurants and businesses but they are also open to the public.  Mom and I just wanted to see what they had as far as party supplies and food.  I don't think we picked anything up here.

Of course I can't go into a town without stopping at St Vinnies and Goodwill as I am still looking for teapots and teacups.  I also found a "collector" type shop in downtown Escanaba and totally scored on teacups and a teapot!

To complete a rather nice day out with my mom we stopped at Hereford and Hops for lunch. It was great! There mom confessed to buying me a, you guessed it, Cake Service Set! She wants to give it to me for my birthday.  She wanted it to be a surprise but I told her if it is wedding related she needs to tell me otherwise I'm getting it myself.

This was a fun day.  Shopping for the wedding and spending time with my mom. It was perfect.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ring Shopping

I was not looking forward to shopping for my wedding ring.  This is something a couple should do together, and I could not wait 1 week before the wedding to shop for my wedding ring so on one of my visits into Erickson Jewelers I mentioned how sad I was about it.  The owner's response to that was, "We have Wifi and iPads, I'm sure we could bring him in on Skype or something." I of course thought that was an awesome idea!  We ended up doing a Google Hangout on my computer and it turned out great.  I asked Vernon to make sure to get one screen grab so I could blog about it later. :) We picked out a white gold ring to compliment my yellow gold engagement ring.  I love the mixed metals and my wedding band is so sparkly it looks like glitter! I can't say enough good things about this jeweler and thank you Honey for agreeing to do a hangout with me at the jewelry store.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Love Letter Day; 3/31/01; 1 hr to go

The 10th of every month is Love Letter Day. I still like to visit this amazing website Loving From a Distance, the best resource for anyone of any age that is in a long distance relationship (ldr).  I get advice, and also give advice when those in a new ldr find out I've been in one for so long.  Vernon was going through some of his old photos and letters and came across this gem. I totally forgot I wrote it until he started reading it to me.  I can't believe how far our relationship has come! Now we're getting married. I submitted this letter to the LFAD website and now others can become inspired by it. 
Or... work on their handwriting skills so they don't write as sloppy as me. 
Dear Vernon,
There is only about one hour to go. I am so nervous I have to talk myself into remembering to relax.  I feel like crying!  Not because I'm sad... I cry when I am over emotional... happy, sad, angry, and for today very excitednervous and happy!  I can't begin to describe my feelings right now.  I really hope I am not a disappointment.  That is my biggest fear. 
Will you smile when you see me?  I'm almost afraid to look at you.  This is so overwhelming.  It's like if I make eye contact with you I might explode.
Today will be your day... our day... to get "re"-acquainted.  I can't see a clock!  I should've got myself a watch. :)  
Being at the hotel last night was strange.  It didn't seem right for me to be there alone.  I hope you like the room.

I am very nervous and beginning to babble!  This letter is supposed to tell you how I was feeling 1 hr. before you got here as my emotions will be crazy in one hour's time.  I'm very scared.  It's kind of a weird scared, like from seeing a ghost.  Right now you are only words on a screen or paper, flat photos and a voice on the phone.  I will be using my other senses with you and it's a feeling I have never felt before.  Scared is the only word I can think of that fits.  I will go check the time now... Yikes! You're getting here sooner than 12:10.  You are scheduled to arrive at 11:51 and it is now 11:19.  1/2 hr. about!  :)  I should remind myself you are probably just as nervous as I am, feeling the same as I am, and you love me just as much as I love you.  I should just chill out and relax!!  11:22. I shouldn't be watching the clock.  It will drive me crazy!  But I don't want you to arrive and have no one to greet  you.  That would suck! :)
I'm going to stop writing babbling :)I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART!!!Yours Forever,Kimberly  xxoo

In addition to writing that letter I also remember hiding behind a pillar because I was afraid of him seeing me before I saw him. From the time it took him landing to making it through the terminal doors it felt like forever; but I stayed glued behind that pillar the entire time. I confessed later and he just thought that was cute. (I think)

Take advantage of today by writing a love letter to your spouse, significant other, kids, BFF, or the elderly neighbor.  Make someones day today.

My Favorite Time of Year

Everyone has a favorite time of year.  I really do enjoy Thanksgiving to Christmas because of all the family time, parties and the joyous meaning of the holiday season.  I love Valentines Day because in the 13 years Vernon and I have been together, he has not missed one.  I love all the pink and hearts and flowers everywhere.  Superbowl Sunday is pretty awesome with all the parties and everyone sharing their favorite party food recipes. I  get really caught up in March Madness where I end up spending more time with Dad watching NCAA Basketball and losing a bit of cash.  My most favorite time of year is right now, it started today, can you guess what it is?

The beginning of Daylight Savings Time.  Why is that? We lose an hour of sleep, it pretty much sucks. Well, not for me. For the next three weeks, Vernon and I will only be 5 hours apart rather than the usual 6.  Even though it's just one time zone, it almost feels like we are physically closer, as silly as that sounds.  Yay for Daylight Savings!   

Do you have a favorite time of year? If so, why?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wedding Expo!

In February I went to my first official wedding outing.  I drug my mom out on what was a beautiful day and we went out to lunch then to the local wedding expo.  For our small town it was pretty nice.  It was hosted by the Midtown Mall.  My goal was to find a florist, baker and a set of toasting glasses like the ones from my    February 3rd post.  I haven't received any input yet on that post and was really hoping for some comments so check out that post and help us out! There was a speaker at this expo who was a wedding planner and he brought up some very good points to think about like scheduling, cake placement, guest lists, meals, stuff like that.  I feel like I'm running blind with this wedding planning thing but so far things seem to be falling into place.  I did find a baker, not at the expo, but through word of mouth and I'm confident she is going to be awesome! I've done some research and found a couple of florists and should really pay them a visit in the near future.  It was cool seeing all the young brides and many familiar faces attending the expo and manning the booths.  I think my mom had fun too, we haven't been shopping together in years, although we didn't buy anything we still had fun.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Have the BEST Step-Daughter (to be).

Early Friday morning I got a message from Vernon's daughter that literally brought tears to my eyes. She wanted to surprise her dad with a Valentine's dinner that she would cook herself. That wasn't the special part as she often makes dinner for her dad. The extra special part is that she wanted me on the computer in a Google+ Hangout at the other end of the table, with a vase of pink roses to add the final touch. She wanted to do this for her dad because we weren't able to be together for Valentine's Day. She coordinated a time with me and I made sure that I was ready for lunch when she had his dinner ready. She made a wonderful bolognese (spaghetti sauce with meat) and home made garlic bread; I had a bowl of chili with cheese. I even drank out of one of my fancy wine glasses. He was so surprised to see me "sitting" there on the pink table cloth with the pink roses. He looked so happy and so surprised. She then left us to enjoy our dinner together.  Oddly enough, we've never had a dinner like this online before. Vernon was amused that I obviously had known about the secret Valentine's dinner and stated, "I can never trust either of you again". I have to admit that if he was able to see my face while I was playing dumb to Yasmine's odd behavior he would have known I was up to something.  Saturday morning I was in a giddy mood, excited about my date with Vernon.  It makes me happy when that girl of his does things like this for him.  This was the first time she's involved me and it was lots of fun.

Thank you so much Yasmine! I don't think you quite realize how very thoughtful and wonderful this dinner was to the both of us.  You are the best!

Friday, February 15, 2013

He Did it Again!

Vernon has not missed one Valentine's Day during our 13 years together. When I told him this his response was, "Is that good?". YES!

What was your best Valentine's Day gift or surprise?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Toasting Glasses

We've picked out a pair of toasting glasses. I was hoping for some help on what to put on them.  We'll consider traditional, whimsical, contemporary... anything!  I love brainstorming.

Leave us your suggestions in the comments. Don't forget to mention the name/type of font you would use.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Have Been Featured on Real Size Bride!
Our relationship was noticed by a wedding dress website.  They are not just any wedding dress website, they specialize in plus size wedding dresses.  They wanted to celebrate love and the happiness of a Real Size Bride.  It was fun being noticed and working with them.  Take a look at their dresses, they are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

The blog post that was written was very nice.  My family and friends enjoyed reading it and I hope that my family of bloggers enjoy it too.  Help me thank them by sharing the blogpost and/or following their facebook page.

Their blog is full of interesting posts from plus size fashion, plus size modeling and planning weddings.  If you want to check out our article it's called "13 Year International Love Story! A Real Size Bride's LDR Advice."

My wedding planning has slowed down a bit due to the holidays but is starting to pick up again. I've posted new ideas on my Pinterest board and still on the search for more teapots.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Totally Scored!

I feel like I won the lottery!  I stopped at a St. Vincent de Paul store on the way to mom's today and found this set. It was only $4.00.  I'm still on the search for teapots but this was being sold as a set; I just couldn't break it up.  I definitely plan on actually using it for tea one day.

This photo really doesn't do it justice, it's an antique looking kind of white.  I'm so in love with this set!

Monday, January 14, 2013

MY ELEVEN YEAR RELATIONSHIP WITH TECHNOLOGY - UH - I MEAN VERNON (written as a guest post for another blog May 2, 2011)

Relationships change and evolve over time. Technology also changes and evolves. Sometimes they go hand in hand. Skype is eight years old. Myspace is eight years old. Facebook is seven years old. Twitter is five years old and iGoogle was launched five years ago as well. Eleven years ago, I met the man of my dreams, I had WebTV and I had no idea that we would be where we are today; in our relationship or in technology. If you are under twenty years old you probably have no idea what WebTV is. How would a couple maintain a long distance relationship without the technology listed above? Today’s kids probably don’t think about it and assume it’s been around since the dawn of time. We “old folks” know better, although I feel I’m speaking to a younger audience so I’ll tell you now…technology has come such a long way in the last eleven years.

Vernon in Michigan 2001. I’m such a Yooper!

Vernon and I met online. I was looking for young single parent support and he had made a post on a pen-pal site. I’m not sure how I found him because I was not familiar with this odd thing called “the internet” but he had everything I was looking for. He was a single parent, was my age, had a child same age as mine in addition to a younger child, and just wanted someone to write to, converse with, and interact with. Only negative was that he was a guy…. well, if he turned into a ‘perv’ I’d just stop writing him. We emailed each other for a while and discussed parenting, life, being single, working, and our pen-pal relationship turned into friendship which turned into something I don’t have a word for. Not a word that’s good enough anyway. We also wrote letters, you know, paper and pens and envelopes and stamps. Those kinds of letters. After several months, maybe close to a year, we finally exchanged pictures. Nope, no facebook yet, no picasa, we MAILED them to each other. I do believe that Vernon had a scanner and scanned a photo and emailed it to me. It took forever to download if I’m thinking of the right picture. We had already fallen for each other before exchanging photos. We got to know each other from the inside out. The photos were just a bonus.

As we got more familiar with the internet we became familiar with chat rooms. I don’t remember if it was yahoo or what, but we would have to log into the same chat room at the same time. I would create a private one so we didn’t have to be bothered by all the weirdo perverts out there looking for “cyber sex”.  I remember the first time some dude sent me a photo of his ‘junk’, that was pretty scary. It’s always a good idea not to talk to strangers, in person or on the internet. I then discovered an instant messenger program called ICQ. That was much better than chatrooms. So we used that and Yahoo IM.

We wanted to hear each other’s voice. I found a vending machine at the little shopping strip in my town and it sold international phone cards. I could buy one for $20 and we could talk for over 4 hours as long as we didn’t make multiple calls. Every time a call was made it would deduct some sort of fee that would lessen our minutes, so to get the most of our money we used it up in one shot. We did that about once a month. Sometimes I would fall asleep on the phone, or so he says.

There were no laptops, no wireless internet, and dial up internet was very expensive and the computers were very large and cumbersome. For a while I didn’t have a computer at all at home, just the webtv which had limited use. So when we did instant messenger it was while I was at work. Shhhhh.

Now with cloud computing (which is 100% of what my job consists of), digital photographs, Facebook, Picasa, iGoogle, Yahoo IM, Skype, webcams, I can go on, but you get the picture; our relationship has grown with the help of these tools. We are constantly aware of the other’s schedule, mood, and even when traveling we can keep in touch. We Skype once a week, only because of the 6 hour time difference and we both work full time jobs. Otherwise, we’d probably Skype every day. I have an awesome phone plan through Vonage where I can call him in the UK as often as I like and only pay one flat rate. I take advantage of that when he has days off of work and I call him when I get up at 6am. It’s a great way to start my day. I have uploaded web cam photos of myself and sent them to him a few minutes later. I record videos on my Flip Camera and he can watch them whenever he wants. He doesn’t feel like he’s missing out on major events and I can look at his photo albums any time I want. It makes the long distance relationship so much easier. Waiting several weeks for a letter is terrible. Don’t get me wrong, even with this technology, long distance relationships take a lot of work, but it just seems easier now.

Me in England 2011. We still look HOT!

Our bond was really strong from the beginning. I think that without this technology we’d still be together but the times in between visits and letters would be even more difficult and stressful. I don’t wish an LDR on anyone, but if you happen to be in one, take advantage of the technology out there, appreciate the time you have online, and make the best of it. Have fun and be creative.  I still manage to send Vernon postcards and the occasional letter or card. I guess I’m a bit old fashioned that way.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Future Husband

Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams, the man that I will marry this year.

I have never been so excited for a year like I am for 2013.  Vernon, I wish I could be with you today.  You work so hard and take such great care of those around you.  Enjoy your daughter today, as I'm sure she's going to spoil you like she does every year. I hope you have something special like a lager or root beer. 

Here are some recent pics of me since you are always saying how you want more pictures of me.  This is what I wore today for your birthday.  I love you so so much!   I can't wait to talk to you this afternoon/tonight. 

Yes, this one is cheezy... I'm actually on the phone with Heidi.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Engagement Gift!

Vernon and I got an engagement gift from my parents.  I didn't know people gave engagement gifts.  My parents love Vernon and I am so thankful that they do.  It's important to me that my family accept and love Vernon as part of the family.  They also appreciate the fact that Vernon's parents love and accept me as part of their family so everyone is happy!  It's January 1, 2013 and it's going to be an amazing year!

The gift is a journal where we can document our relationship. It is full of questions and we fill the page by writing our answers and stories.  When completed it will be a keepsake for our kids and grand-kids.  I'm really excited about sitting down with Vernon and completing it little by little.  My whole life I've always loved journals and diaries so I will have a lot of fun with this.

 I've kind of put a hold on wedding plans for the last couple of weeks because Christmas and Heidi being home have taken up my time and thoughts so once she's back at school I will go back to the wedding plans.  I haven't ordered a dress yet, that has come to be a stressful and unenjoyable task and I'm going to have to do that soon.  I found one I like, but I'm worried it wont look right on me.  That will have to be at the top of my list this month.

I'll keep you posted.

I'd be happy to hear about the most difficult part of planning your wedding if you have been married.