Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Proceed at Your Own Risk"

 I'm still on the lookout for a long distance relationship as long as ours. I want to hear their story. I guess I'm just curious. I tried searching Guinness World Records, but they don't have an ldr category. I even went as far as to put in a request for a world record with this new suggested category. They are not interested, and the public is not interested, nor did they send me any information on any other record breaking ldr's to satisfy my curiosity. Below is the final sentence in the rejection email they sent me. It made me chuckle.
"As your record application has not been accepted, Guinness World Records is in no way associated with the activity relating to your record proposal and we in no way endorse this activity. If you choose to proceed with this activity then this will be of your own volition and at your own risk."
 Ha ha! Did they even read my entry? Must be some sort of general disclaimer so they can't be sued by people doing dumb-ass stunts for the sake of doing a dumb-ass stunt. I guess the public is interested in the creepy and disgusting freak show stuff, heaven forbid if it's remotely heartfelt. Although during my Googling adventures I did see "Biggest Teddy Bear Collection", REALLY???? UGH.

I think I'll give up looking and just assume that Vernon and I are the holders of such a prestigious record. SO AS OF NOW, I OFFICIALLY DECLARE US THE KING AND QUEEN OF LDR'S! LOL

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