Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ring Shopping

I was not looking forward to shopping for my wedding ring.  This is something a couple should do together, and I could not wait 1 week before the wedding to shop for my wedding ring so on one of my visits into Erickson Jewelers I mentioned how sad I was about it.  The owner's response to that was, "We have Wifi and iPads, I'm sure we could bring him in on Skype or something." I of course thought that was an awesome idea!  We ended up doing a Google Hangout on my computer and it turned out great.  I asked Vernon to make sure to get one screen grab so I could blog about it later. :) We picked out a white gold ring to compliment my yellow gold engagement ring.  I love the mixed metals and my wedding band is so sparkly it looks like glitter! I can't say enough good things about this jeweler and thank you Honey for agreeing to do a hangout with me at the jewelry store.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Love Letter Day; 3/31/01; 1 hr to go

The 10th of every month is Love Letter Day. I still like to visit this amazing website Loving From a Distance, the best resource for anyone of any age that is in a long distance relationship (ldr).  I get advice, and also give advice when those in a new ldr find out I've been in one for so long.  Vernon was going through some of his old photos and letters and came across this gem. I totally forgot I wrote it until he started reading it to me.  I can't believe how far our relationship has come! Now we're getting married. I submitted this letter to the LFAD website and now others can become inspired by it. 
Or... work on their handwriting skills so they don't write as sloppy as me. 
Dear Vernon,
There is only about one hour to go. I am so nervous I have to talk myself into remembering to relax.  I feel like crying!  Not because I'm sad... I cry when I am over emotional... happy, sad, angry, and for today very excitednervous and happy!  I can't begin to describe my feelings right now.  I really hope I am not a disappointment.  That is my biggest fear. 
Will you smile when you see me?  I'm almost afraid to look at you.  This is so overwhelming.  It's like if I make eye contact with you I might explode.
Today will be your day... our day... to get "re"-acquainted.  I can't see a clock!  I should've got myself a watch. :)  
Being at the hotel last night was strange.  It didn't seem right for me to be there alone.  I hope you like the room.

I am very nervous and beginning to babble!  This letter is supposed to tell you how I was feeling 1 hr. before you got here as my emotions will be crazy in one hour's time.  I'm very scared.  It's kind of a weird scared, like from seeing a ghost.  Right now you are only words on a screen or paper, flat photos and a voice on the phone.  I will be using my other senses with you and it's a feeling I have never felt before.  Scared is the only word I can think of that fits.  I will go check the time now... Yikes! You're getting here sooner than 12:10.  You are scheduled to arrive at 11:51 and it is now 11:19.  1/2 hr. about!  :)  I should remind myself you are probably just as nervous as I am, feeling the same as I am, and you love me just as much as I love you.  I should just chill out and relax!!  11:22. I shouldn't be watching the clock.  It will drive me crazy!  But I don't want you to arrive and have no one to greet  you.  That would suck! :)
I'm going to stop writing babbling :)I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART!!!Yours Forever,Kimberly  xxoo

In addition to writing that letter I also remember hiding behind a pillar because I was afraid of him seeing me before I saw him. From the time it took him landing to making it through the terminal doors it felt like forever; but I stayed glued behind that pillar the entire time. I confessed later and he just thought that was cute. (I think)

Take advantage of today by writing a love letter to your spouse, significant other, kids, BFF, or the elderly neighbor.  Make someones day today.

My Favorite Time of Year

Everyone has a favorite time of year.  I really do enjoy Thanksgiving to Christmas because of all the family time, parties and the joyous meaning of the holiday season.  I love Valentines Day because in the 13 years Vernon and I have been together, he has not missed one.  I love all the pink and hearts and flowers everywhere.  Superbowl Sunday is pretty awesome with all the parties and everyone sharing their favorite party food recipes. I  get really caught up in March Madness where I end up spending more time with Dad watching NCAA Basketball and losing a bit of cash.  My most favorite time of year is right now, it started today, can you guess what it is?

The beginning of Daylight Savings Time.  Why is that? We lose an hour of sleep, it pretty much sucks. Well, not for me. For the next three weeks, Vernon and I will only be 5 hours apart rather than the usual 6.  Even though it's just one time zone, it almost feels like we are physically closer, as silly as that sounds.  Yay for Daylight Savings!   

Do you have a favorite time of year? If so, why?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wedding Expo!

In February I went to my first official wedding outing.  I drug my mom out on what was a beautiful day and we went out to lunch then to the local wedding expo.  For our small town it was pretty nice.  It was hosted by the Midtown Mall.  My goal was to find a florist, baker and a set of toasting glasses like the ones from my    February 3rd post.  I haven't received any input yet on that post and was really hoping for some comments so check out that post and help us out! There was a speaker at this expo who was a wedding planner and he brought up some very good points to think about like scheduling, cake placement, guest lists, meals, stuff like that.  I feel like I'm running blind with this wedding planning thing but so far things seem to be falling into place.  I did find a baker, not at the expo, but through word of mouth and I'm confident she is going to be awesome! I've done some research and found a couple of florists and should really pay them a visit in the near future.  It was cool seeing all the young brides and many familiar faces attending the expo and manning the booths.  I think my mom had fun too, we haven't been shopping together in years, although we didn't buy anything we still had fun.