Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I get easily obsessed with things. Well, mostly certain TV shows, movies and songs. Vernon has been the cause of several of these addictions. He tells me about songs he listens to and sends me DVD's that he thinks I will enjoy and next thing I know my daughter and I know the entire series by heart. I am currently addicted to a song by Caro Emerald, I will post the video below. Another good example of one of my obsessions is this blog. I should really be chopping onions and carrots for a stew I'm making for tomorrow's St Patrick's Day pot luck at work, but instead I'm sitting down typing away. UGH... it's gonna be a late one tonight. Here are my addictions that were caused by Vernon:

Song: Back It Up by Caro Emerald. She is BEAUTIFUL and is one of those women who give power to curvy girls! And, I totally want that square necked black dress... LOVE IT!

TV Show: Black Adder, I selected a clip from my favorite season with Hugh Laurie. He is simply one of the funniest actors to come out of England.

TV Show: The Office. I had never heard of it. He sent it to me and mentioned that there was an American version. I picked up the American DVD after enjoying the English series. I wont say which one I like more because they are both very unique even though based on the same concept.

I think my worst addiction of all is the TV Show Vicar of Dibley. Heidi and I like to do the "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter" routine. It's the best!

The final one I will post is TV Show: The Thin Blue Line. I love this. Rowan Atkinson is genius in his comedic timing and facial expressions. I love the writing and Constable Goody... he's a riot! When Rowan Atkinson's character is reading Sherlock Holmes in bed... I wonder if that will be Vernon and I some day. Makes me giggle.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


When you are with someone long enough you can tell what your partner is thinking just by looking at his face. You can tell if he is happy, sad, confused, angry, annoyed or just plain indifferent. Some think that those of us in a long distance relationship (LDR) are at a disadvantage but I think we are at an advantage now, especially with the technology today. Since my daughter has gone off to college, Vernon and I Skype every Sunday. It is wonderful getting to see him every week. At first it was like torture, only getting to see him for a short while and then having to say goodbye, but I'm used to it now. I really look forward to my Sundays with him. Well, I think an LDR is very similar to a person who has lost one or more of his senses. If you can't see, you have very sharp hearing, or if you can't hear, you are very observant sometimes to the point of being able to read lips. Well, since I am unable to touch him and see him in 3d I have to pay attention to his facial expressions. When we are simply chatting, I have to pay attention to his words, how fast or slow they appear on the screen, even the silly little emoticons that he uses. We can tell if the other is busy, in a bad mood, troubled, or happy just from our chatting. We have personalities in the way we chat. But, when we Skype I have the ability to see his face. Vernon has this smile that makes me melt and feel like I am so very loved and he looks like he's thinking that he's the luckiest man in the world. (As he very well should. LOL) It's a simple smile, I could be talking away about a stupid story or just sitting there and he just smiles at me with that very specific smile. If you are blessed enough to be with your partner every day, pay attention to what they are saying, how they are saying it, their facial expressions. Don't be distracted with what is going on around you. Just look at each other, enjoy each other and appreciate each other. It's easier than you think.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

21 DAYS!

This photo was taken during my last trip to England, December 2009. It seems like several years ago. Well, in 21 days Vernon will have his arms around me in Bristol airport and I can't wait. I'm sad that I have to leave the kid behind but she'll be studying for finals. Tonight I got a new camera, nothing fancy, and it was on sale. I have my flip camera for taking videos which I really love, and I've been picking up things like chocolate and Lucky Charms for the kids per their request. I plan on stocking up on Curly Wurlys as  they are mine and Heidi's favorite candy bar! But... I've been eating healthier for the past 2 months, down 25 pounds and I don't know if I'm smaller than I was when this photo was taken. I have all the same clothes but they are so worn and old it's hard to tell. I have a goal to lose 10 more before the trip but we'll see how that goes. I'm not worried about sticking to my new eating habits while I'm there. Europeans eat differently than Americans. We Americans are pigs and eat way too much. I love the smaller portions in the restaurants and even at the grocery store, the family sizes aren't really that big. I'll have to remind Vernon to fill the ice cube trays as I will be drinking lots of water and I like it COLD! COLD! COLD! Lukewarm water makes me gag. Yuk. Two weeks with Vernon isn't enough. It's overwhelming when I get there, then we get into a mode where it just feels so right when we are together. We can sit quietly in the car, in the living room, at the table, I fall asleep on him when we are watching movies, we are each other's missing half. I'll be turning 40 while I'm there. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday, especially such a special one. I'm going shopping for clothes with a very good friend so that will be exciting. We've gone shopping together before, and we had a blast. Leaving is horrible. Just thinking about it makes me cry. We feel it creeping up on us when there are 3 days left, then 2, then 1, then we're saying goodbye at security and I have to sit all by myself waiting to board the plane. I cry a lot on that day. It doesn't get easier. I've done this several times and it just doesn't get easier. It's almost easier not going at all, but that's just flipping crazy. I want us to do lots of relaxing, lots of talking, cooking, and I want to watch movies. I did recently whine to him about wanting to visit a castle so he sent me several choices and I'll be picking out where I want to go. I still have to pick up some dramamine so I don't have a repeat performance of the time Heidi and I had our faces in the barf bags as we were roughly coming in for a landing in North Carolina. That was terrible! It's going to be a long 21 days.