Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I get easily obsessed with things. Well, mostly certain TV shows, movies and songs. Vernon has been the cause of several of these addictions. He tells me about songs he listens to and sends me DVD's that he thinks I will enjoy and next thing I know my daughter and I know the entire series by heart. I am currently addicted to a song by Caro Emerald, I will post the video below. Another good example of one of my obsessions is this blog. I should really be chopping onions and carrots for a stew I'm making for tomorrow's St Patrick's Day pot luck at work, but instead I'm sitting down typing away. UGH... it's gonna be a late one tonight. Here are my addictions that were caused by Vernon:

Song: Back It Up by Caro Emerald. She is BEAUTIFUL and is one of those women who give power to curvy girls! And, I totally want that square necked black dress... LOVE IT!

TV Show: Black Adder, I selected a clip from my favorite season with Hugh Laurie. He is simply one of the funniest actors to come out of England.

TV Show: The Office. I had never heard of it. He sent it to me and mentioned that there was an American version. I picked up the American DVD after enjoying the English series. I wont say which one I like more because they are both very unique even though based on the same concept.

I think my worst addiction of all is the TV Show Vicar of Dibley. Heidi and I like to do the "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter" routine. It's the best!

The final one I will post is TV Show: The Thin Blue Line. I love this. Rowan Atkinson is genius in his comedic timing and facial expressions. I love the writing and Constable Goody... he's a riot! When Rowan Atkinson's character is reading Sherlock Holmes in bed... I wonder if that will be Vernon and I some day. Makes me giggle.

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