Saturday, November 20, 2010


He gives me butterflies. I have told him that since the very beginning. Thoughts of him make me smile and blush and I get that feeling in my stomach that I never want to end. He jokes about it and tells me that he's probably making me nauseous, but that's not it. It's butterflies. He told me he kept hearing this song on the radio and it makes him think of me, but he hasn't really paid attention to the lyrics. Well, I looked this up on YouTube and it made me cry. I listened to it several times and it still makes me cry. What a pretty song, sung by such a pretty girl. I just love it! Thank you for making me feel so special Vernon. You give me butterflies!


  1. I love that song!

    You have to tell me though how you got the video in your post, I also just have to post links because I can't figure it out! Do you have it downloaded on your computer first?

  2. Hey Sarah, I know! That song is great! Vern told me about it and I had never heard of it. I Googled it and now I cry every time I listen to it. You go to the video on YouTube then click on the "Embed" button which should be near the "Share" button. You'll want to copy that code and paste it into your HTML code box in your blog template area.

  3. Thanks! Just wanted to let you know, I added your blog to my blog roll on my page :)


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