Monday, November 8, 2010

Goolies Are What?!?!

I have a hot manly boyfriend! And he can change a tire in 5 minutes! WHEW!

We were chatting on Skype and like a man, his eyes wander above the computer and to the TV. I just watch him for a bit and finally ask,
"What are you watching?"
"Uh.... it's hard to explain."
"What do you mean it's hard to explain?"
"OK, you know the show 'Top Gear'?"
"Well, it's kind of like that, but it's not. There is this overweight man who is trying to change a wheel, he has to change it in 15 minutes but he's already going on 35."
I'm thinking what a stupid show. Then Vernon tells me about the time he got a flat.
"One should be able to change a wheel in 10 minutes, I have changed one in 5."
"5 minutes? You changed a tire in 5 minutes? Why would you change it so fast?"
"I was on my way to work. It's all about being organized."
Wow, my man can change a tire in 5 minutes, and he says it's about being organized. I was laughing, carrying on over my sexy man being able to change a tire in 5 minutes. Then he adds...
"And I take my shirt off when I do it."
WOOOOO HOOOOOOO! I got all giggly and jumpy and my face was all red and it was getting really warm. He's so funny and so cute at the same time. We were having fun being silly, laughing and flirting, but I'm still amazed that my man can change a tire so fast.
During the call Vern likes to relax, sit back and enjoy the conversation. Sometimes he sits with his hands up behind his head. I love it when he sits that way, I miss his arms. Sounds odd but I really love his arms. He was wearing a white t-shirt, and I love him in white. It contrasts with his skin. I got all worked up as his sleeves pulled tight around his arms and all he was doing was relaxing. He looked at me like I was nuts. I told him I liked his arms, i wanted to see more biceps. I think I embarrassed him, then he grabs the Spongebob Squarepants pillow and extends Spongebob's arm, "There, that's my arm." It was funny!
We got to talking about hockey. I was explaining how Heidi has been going to hockey games at school. Of course, when Americans talk about hockey we are speaking of the great big toothless brutes who knock the shit out of each other on the ice. Vernon is thinking of girls in short skirts in a field... hey wait a minute, lol... then I said, "I think Heidi likes it when the players crash up against the plexiglass." there was a pause and he was like, "Ooooh, you are talking about ice hockey." I said, "Of course! Not that sissy hockey. We live in the mid-west. It's only ice hockey here." Then I went on to explain how the players don't really have anything protecting their faces, except for the goalies... Then Vernon interrupts me,
"What did you say?"
"Did you say goolies?"
"Not ghoulies, GOALIES"
I thought this conversation was pretty silly, but then it got sillier... Vernon then said,
"Goolies are men's tackle"
"What?!?!? Hahahaha!"
"Goolies are men's tackle"
Ok, that's just hilarious. By then I was just laughing hysterically and giggling and crying all at the same time.

I love his sense of humor, I love how he makes me laugh. He's so intelligent and witty and being English doesn't hurt either.

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