Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What were you doing one year ago?

Vernon and I chat several times a week.  I was going through our chats from 2010 and thought it would be interesting to see what we were talking about a year ago today. I wonder if all our chats are like this because boy do I look like I have some form of A.D.D. because I jump around from topic to topic.

One year ago today:

  • I synced my Outlook calendar with Vernon's response, "You know how to have fun."
  • I told Vern about the awards ceremony at Heidi's school, how she was going to get presented with her scholarship to WMU and that my Aunt and Uncle would be there too. (Turned out that they don't present the big awards on award night, they save those for graduation so we sat through that entire thing for nothing.)
  • I was very angry. Didn't know why. I couldn't focus. Had a bad case of road rage on the way to taking Heidi to school. Vernon said, "It's good to be angry every so often." 
  • A certain co-worker was annoying the crap out of me quite frequently and did something specific that day that really annoyed me. This year I don't have to deal with that person anymore. WOO HOOO!
  • I was worried about seeing the Ex next week. I'm thinking that was for graduation. I'm actually shocked he showed up. Was never good at following through with commitments to Heidi.
  • Vernon had 46 parcels (packages) for one house. He didn't mention it to his manager because he would have taken them off of him and given him 45 more packages to different houses. That is what my dad would call working smart, not hard. Then I went on to talk about my FedEx days. Oh such good times... (not really)
  • Vernon's work got a new computer system and it broke down... is an expensive new system and it breaks down. Frustrating.
  • I took my lunch break at home and thought I'd surprise Vernon with a phone call. Of course no one answered. Vernon's reply, "although as I look across to the phone, I see someone has called. Sorry Darling." (I love when he calls me Darling).
  • I'm training a new girl, they hired someone yesterday to help me out. She's very tall, young, eager to learn and very nice. 
  • Heidi just called, she and her friend are going to study at the park. She's got an Economics test and her friend has a Government test. (Wow, seems like yesterday she was in high school)
  • It was a beautiful sunny warm day but I was freezing my boobies off? Vernon's response, "Be careful where they fall!" Apparently it was warmer in the U.P. than in Somerset that day.
  • I had an odd dream last night... A Watertown firefighter, my friend NM, Heidi and I were in some unknown living room watching TV. I was only wearing a towel. NM and the firefighter were my ride. I wanted to go home to get dressed but no one would take me.
  • I was looking at Vernon's photos in Facebook. He had a picture of the place where we had our dinners during our trip to Copper Harbor. 
  • We say goodbye the same way nearly every time. Vernon: "bye sexy"; Me: "bye".


  1. What a lovely cheery post. thanks for calling by, I am off to Canada and US tomorrow, well I fly on Tuesday but am stopping overnight at heathrow, So pleased you liked Corfe Castle and Dorset, It's a wonderful place to live though I lived in Spain for 3 years closeby to my youngest son but returned 4 years ago, As for Daniel I got to know him after my husband passed away.....went to one of is concerts and have been a fan ever since,
    Lovely to have net you.

  2. Thanks for being my 400th follower hope you reach your 20+ soon.


  3. What an interesting idea for a blog post! It really is a little snapshot into a certain time. And isn't it amazing how much can happen in one year?


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