Sunday, November 10, 2013

Missing Him Terribly

We got married!  The wedding was small and beautiful; and the reception was a fantastic celebration where he could meet my extended family and friends.  I promise I will post details, photos and video later.  I regretfully got away from blogging and I do miss it very much.  Things have been crazy and my mood hasn't been the best. Today's post will be a short one, but an important one.

One day last week a song came on the radio as I was pulling into the parking lot at work.  I had to sit in the lot for a while because this song made me cry.  It made me think of Vernon and I miss him so much.  Every time this song is on the radio I cry.  I absolutely love that it is by the Goo Goo Dolls, I have always loved their music.

He went back home to the UK just a couple days after the reception. It was a very sad day for the both of us and by far the most difficult goodbye we've had to do. Since then it's been back to the usual, chatting for a short time every day and video hangouts on the weekends. I cry a lot more because it's been 14 years and we are finally married but still apart. There are many factors both obvious and personal as to why we are not together, but one day we hope that will change.


  1. Congratulations and very best wishes. I must commend you both on making it so beautifully through the trials and tribulations. I hope that your time apart grows rapidly to a close and you are in each others arms soon. Love the Goo Goo Dolls and that song is soooo appropriate

    1. Thank you. Some days are tougher than others. When I'm having a difficult day, he's there for me, and when he's having a difficult day, I'm there for him.


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