Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chatting With Vernon Today

Kimberly:  the city is going to be digging up my entire block
Vern: ?
Kimberly: there is blue and yellow spray paint up the entire block and yellow flags everywhere.
 my road, infront of my house, they will be digging it up
Vern: any reason
Kimberly: don't know, it looks perfectly fine, might be waterline work or something?
 it's gonna suck
 i mentioned it to heidi and she's like "Yay! Construction workers!"
 i'm like, "Uh, NO, I don't think so!"
Vern: no it's me, i'm having a tunnel dug from here
Kimberly: lol YAY!!!!!!!!


  1. oh my goodness that's so sweet! I bet he would if he could!

  2. Hee hee, happy for you, but if there's a tunnel to Britain in your street then I'm coming for a (very) short visit! ;)

    Yay for Terry Pratchett! I keep talking people into reading him-- some like his stuff, others ask me if I'm on drugs after they read one of his books. :/ To each her own, I suppose.

    I agree about Colour of Magic. Movies ruin books anyway, and Pratchett just defies movie-making, I think. Having said that, if someone were to take a shot at making a movie of some of his more recent stuff (esp. Going Postal-- love that one!), I would totally go watch it!


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