Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five - My favorite "English" foods

I have taken a few trips to England to visit my charming English man and I have come to find some foods over there that I can't do without during my visits. They may not necessarily be "English" but I found them in England so to me, they are.

1. Curly Wurlys

I bring home several 5 packs every time I go. I found a bar hidden in my sock drawer today which prompted this theme and I can't wait to enjoy it this weekend!

2. Galaxy Ripple

OMG! I mean OMG! I wanted to try Flake Chocolate and Vernon said that I needed to try a Galaxy Ripple to get the "full experience" of having flake chocolate for the first time. OMG! I brought a bunch of these home too.

3. Black Pepper and Sea Salt Chips-Crisps 

I have to say that the chip selection is not what I'm used to. One year I picked up what I thought was a family size bag and when I got back to the apartment and opened it up IT WAS FULL OF A BUNCH OF LITTLE BAGS! HUH?!?! No wonder we're the fattest country in the world. Anyway... the selection has improved over the years, I can now find American pretzels! Woo Hoo! Anyway, while I was there one year I thought the black pepper and sea salt chips sounded good. I don't know if they were available here in the US, my city in Upper Michigan or simply in my store. Maybe they always have been and I never noticed. Well, I noticed them in England so they are "English" to me. When I am there, those are my snack of choice.

4. Jacobs Jam and Cream Biscuits (Cookies) 

I normally don't buy cookies at home, but these are amazing and I also bring several packages home with me. I've looked for something like this here at home and I have had no luck. I'm sure we have something like them but maybe it's best I don't find anything. That's all I need is cookies in my kitchen.

5. Potatoes

OK, I know what you are thinking... "Potatoes? Um don't you live in the United States? Home of the Idaho Potato?" Yes, and they are yummy! But, what is missing from this picture? Think. Look at it closely... DIRT! Yes! The potatoes in the grocery store where Vernon shops sells potatoes in these plastic bags and they are clean. I love this!! I really dislike scrubbing vegetables, especially potatoes. I buy a bag of potatoes and there is dirt everywhere because there are holes in the bag. If my grocery store sold clean potatoes I would buy them.

OK, so 4 out of 5 is junk food, but believe it or not I always lose weight when I go to England and I think I eat more. I don't get it but it happens. I have my theories but that is for another day and another post.


  1. Well actually the ones we had weren't Kettle chips but instead the Morrisons version 'The Best', and they were and are of a delightful nature.

  2. I couldn't remember the exact brand. Thanks honey!

  3. I love your selection of British goodies. We love those curly wurlies too. They are very easy to get here in Australia.

    Fun post!

    Best wishes and have a happy week,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.

  4. I love the chocolate bars you have mentioned. I try very hard not to buy them, otherwise my "weight watch" (which is literally that, I just sit and watch it, I don't exercise as I should and eat waaay to many tea biscuits and... anyt biscuit really!!) would get waaay out of hand.

    nom nom nom nom

  5. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying reading it. I am living in Michigan but am originally from the U.K. I too notice that when I visit there I seem to lose weight but eat more, especially chocolate and biscuits. LOL. I think it's because we walk more over there. BTW where are you in Michigan.

    1. I'm in Upper Michigan, north of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I have a kid at Western Michigan University which is in Kalamazoo. I don't get to see her very often because it is a 10 hour drive around Lake Michigan. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment.


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