Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Have Been Featured on Real Size Bride!
Our relationship was noticed by a wedding dress website.  They are not just any wedding dress website, they specialize in plus size wedding dresses.  They wanted to celebrate love and the happiness of a Real Size Bride.  It was fun being noticed and working with them.  Take a look at their dresses, they are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

The blog post that was written was very nice.  My family and friends enjoyed reading it and I hope that my family of bloggers enjoy it too.  Help me thank them by sharing the blogpost and/or following their facebook page.

Their blog is full of interesting posts from plus size fashion, plus size modeling and planning weddings.  If you want to check out our article it's called "13 Year International Love Story! A Real Size Bride's LDR Advice."

My wedding planning has slowed down a bit due to the holidays but is starting to pick up again. I've posted new ideas on my Pinterest board and still on the search for more teapots.

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